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Although breathing is a completely unconscious process, it can

become a conscious, intentional practice. Many teachings suggest

that bringing consciousness to breathing is the link between the

conscious and unconscious aspects of our being.

The body-mind connection. That this action (of conscious breathing,

combined with walking) is of great physical, mental, emotional and

spiritual benefit to the individual.

Revitalize body, mind and spirit by focusing

on walking and breathing

Breathing is a force, a tool for health, growth, and change.

Contact Judy at 503.282.1677 or email jheller at


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             Group Walks



Please join us for a walk every Saturday at 9:00am

Visitors welcomed!


Benefits include:

Weekly walks,

Technical shirt,

WOW Bucks -- exchanged for REI and WOW

branded merchandise,

Weekly e-mail tips,

Life Balance Membership,

 which includes savings from over  700 vendors and retailers;

Opportunities mid week walks.

Urban Grind Coffee House

911 NW Kearney

Portland, OR 97209

Register NOW.


Annual Fee $80.00


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